What About You!

Updated: Oct 6

I meet and connect with people every day. People of so many different backgrounds.

And one thing that we all have in common is our ability to think and make our own choices. Yet what I see is people following others. We somehow have given our power away. I’m not talking about politics, religion, sexual orientation, or even races. I’m talking about self-care, healing, understanding, and loving. I am talking about, how we have the ability to pick and choose what is right for us, our self, the I. Yet most of us were taught that we must put the need of others before us. Sounds great until you have nothing left to give. What then? Where do you go to receive? Oh, that is right we weren't taught about that. Many people when they are physically, mentally and or emotionally depleted the turn to a church, doctors, counselors, hey help is help and I say go for it. But remember, there is no money in a cure. It is your own responsibility to understand what is right for you. Good or Bad. It is your choice. At what point did we stop taking responsibility for ourselves. I think it has been a growing problem.

When we are all grouped into the box, then we are all controllable. but controlled by whom? Our parents and family. teachers, society, law enforcement. and government Others in general. And no this is not a conspiracy theory.

So, I am asking you. How do you give of yourself if you not running at 100 percent?

I do not put me on the back burner any longer. So that I am healthy, loving, and compassionate. Not simply for others but for myself first. does that sound greedy? I hope so. I do not believe that I came to this beautiful earth to be self-sacrificing. Okay maybe that was too strong of a word. How about Subservient, Domestic, Passive, Docile, Submissive, Obedient, Compliant, Well-trained. Well Trained, That’s perfect. Because it began the moment we were born. Our training. mostly taught to us sometimes out of fear disguised as love. We are taught what is truth and what is not. What is allowed and what is not. What we can and what we can’t, along with what we are and what we are not. Why? mostly because that is what they were taught. It can be the simple things said like

You’re so pretty, but you could be prettier if you would lose weight.

We short people can’t do that.

Well if you were better, faster, younger, tougher.

And all the other crap we have heard

My mother one told me that “people like us are never beautiful or gorgeous were just cute. "That stuck with me even till now. But I know now that that was what she saw in herself. not in me. She never willingly said anything to hurt or create scars. Yet as a child I took it to mean that I was only cute. Well I have healed from that. I love the way I Look. Why? Because it is the one thing that I have that no one else on this earth has.

So, I think the purpose of this writing is so that hopefully some of your readers open your eyes. and start deciding what is right for you and your soul. Connecting with you Soul is a way to bring back what you have forgotten throughout this life. We all came with a reason, purpose. are you fulfilling the purpose? or is it lying dormant with waiting to revived with your awakening. No matter how you awaken. through classes, teachers, or self-teaching. Create your unique style.

Transforming and eliminating beliefs that were taught to us so hard work. And many times, as one goes out another rears its head. It like peeling an onion. It took all these years to build the layers it is up to you as to how long it takes to peel them.

Love yourself, Heal Yourself , then heal others that will help to heal the world


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