What is in the Cards.

We are talking Tarot and Oracle cards. There are many people that will tell you this and that about reading the cards. The truth is that we each interpret differently, so we will each feel, see and sense differently in turn relaying messages differently. Ultimately it is the client’s ability to take things as they hear, see or sense. They are free to take what they wish and apply or not apply as they desire. It is, however, the responsibility of the reader to be as honest and forthright in their words, and in relaying message as possible. Being impeccable with your words is key. As is understanding the words you use, many times have different meanings to others. Example, Teal, to some may be more to the blue shades and yet more to the green shades for others. both are correct. This is because of interpretation and the way we each were raised, our life experiences. and even tragedies that have happened in our lives. It is our way of understanding and seeing. So just because you cannot understand what you are seeing or the why of it doesn’t mean your client won’t understand also. Give them a chance by relaying what comes to you. Understand how you get information, do you see images in your head/ hear word, or perhaps a feeling of just knowing.

When you sit and discover the symbols in your cards and can put it to words without the reading of the book that is when you are reading. There is time that you read a card and something specific stands or jumps out. The next time that same cards come to you, you see something else.

Learn some of the card Combos like Wands with Pentacles. While wands represent spiritual flow and Pentacles represent a material flow, together they can bring out a balance of inner desires and needs. Or a major like The Sun with a minor like, Three of Swords, the sun is a cheerful, happy, celebrations card while the Three of Swords is heartache, disappointment, betrayal. The conclusion could be to look at the brighter side or to see what you have learned, even the discoveries of what is not right for you. And if you switch their placement the Three of Swords in front of The Sun it may show that brighter times are coming, expect some relief. The outcome is better than you thought. There are so many possibilities. So! state what you see, feel, hear, and sense so that your client has the answers in their grasp.

Creating your own spreads, I love working out a new spread, why? because it is created to develop a means to get insight. If your client has fears of facing the future you may work with a three card spread for past present and future, but what id you set the Past Present and Future cards out and then build a reading on each of them perhaps with the intention of what is in the past that now no longer serves me? Then what can I do not to improve my status? And finishing with what is the potential for the future. Remember you are not a fortune teller these are possibilities, as NOTHING is set in stone.

How about multiple decks Awe the energy and finding multiple decks that work perfectly together. Try putting Oracle cards with Tarot cards Just play and learn and grow

Below are some do's and don’ts to help with being a reader, interpreter, and deliverer of information.

1, Say what you see. Even if it doesn’t make sense to you, remember it's not your information. They will understand when they need too.

2, Do not over analyze. You are human just like your client, to analyze is like saying "I don’t know". Your client will pick up on this.

3, Do not compare one reading to another, your client isn't paying you to hear about someone else.

4, Learn to keep your views or opinions out

of your way. Your client needs to make decisions that generally refer to their life and they should make decisions based on their own need, desires, and capabilities.

5, Be willing to pause. pausing allows your client to absorb and take in your words. And don’t always ask if they understand. they will when the time is right.

6, Don’t ask question other than "do you have a question" if you are asking question like do you have? or are you? It will sound as though you are fishing, if you are fishing, then you’re not reading.

Build your confidence and the way to build your confidence is to practice. Practice on friends, family, and strangers. You will be surprised at how many people are willing to let you practice on them for free or even a small fee or donation if they feel that you are being 100% with them.

Have No Expectations! When we have expectations, we don’t see other possibilities. So, don’t set yourse

lf up with limiting expectations.


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