Your Akashic Records  reading can be done via Zoom, FB Video Chat, Skype or any other live Video chats at no extra cost.



Akashic Records Readings

Your Records are a gateway to your soul. They are your every Thought, Emotion and Action that your soul has ever experienced,.They also hold your souls desires for your future

Chakra and Aura Care, Reading , Balancing and Cleansing.

Learn how your chakras work within your body and how to know when they are out of balance.  Like any other machine if one part is not working correctly the others must work harder to carry the load and get the job done.

Reiki / Crystal Reiki Practitioner

Feel the power of Reiki as you release stress, anxiety, blockages and fears. Reiki is a form of energy healing that helps to create balance and flow throughout the body and mind

Creative  and Specialized   Guided Meditations

I will  create and record  guided meditations to help you resolve many specific problems in the privacy of your own home 

Reiki Classes I, II and Master/ Teacher

Do you want to learn and practice Reiki. Either for yourself or for others?

I can teach you and complete your attunements.

Home and Property Purification

If your home or property has a feel of heaviness or negativity I can energetically cleanse and purify 

Herbal Health


I make a wide variety of Tea Blends

For sleep disorders, anxiety, immune,

anti inflammatory, dreaming  and now

morning sickness blends. 

Topical oils and aroma therapy

Skin conditions, anti inflammatory, muscle  strains or stress, bruises, thin skin bleeding. minor pain telief.

natural bug spray and more. Consultations are available.



Anxiety, Minor Pain, Sleep,


This list is growing as the tinctures are created.

Both alcohol base or non alcohol base are available.


HYPNOTHERAPYFree Consultation   


Do you feel the draw of specific place or cultures?            Fear without knowing where they came from.

Behavior that you cant find an understanding of? emotions that go as far back as you can remember?

It may be from a past life.

Come explore what you have forgotten.



Create Positive or Favorable Reactions

Can you see a better way of doing something?

Time management.



 Free Consultations

Fears and Phobias

We all have things that frighten us, but when they cause us to panic. become angry, freeze or run like hell, then it is time to get control and conqure the fears or phobias.





Reiki therapist
Spiritual Coach
Hynotherapy service provider
Intuitive Readings