Akashic Readings

Learn the history of your soul. 

 The potential is endless

You Akashic Records contains not only current information about the life you are leading now, but also details about  lives you have lived in the past, and your soul’s intention for the future. As we live our lives many thing happen to change our intended direction. Life simply happens. Some are conscious decisions and others are subconscious. Do you know why you make these unconscious choices?

Soul purpose, Resolve everyday problems, Clear energy,  Release childhood conditioning, Acknowledge and release karma from past lives and so much more.





Do you understand how the words and thought react with you body? did you know the words we speak has a huge impact within our bodies. Even our emotions play a role in out health and well being.

discover what childhood teaching actually do not resonate with you and see how these thought and beliefs control you.




Herbal Alternatives


With Teas, Oils, Tinctures,  you can create a healthier lifestyle.  Herbal Medicine is not for everyone. The choice is yours, Connect with me to discover if this is the right path for you.

Sleep, Pain, Immunity, Depression, Anxiety,

Confusion, Metabolism. Dreams

The list is endless. Free consultations. 



Free Consultation.

Herbal Teas, Oils, Tinctures and more








 Guided meditation is simply "meditation with the help of a guide". It’s is the easiest way to enter a state of deep relaxation and inner stillness.

What can meditating do for you?


Meditation  can help you to open-up and connect with your higher self, inner child, guides, angels, guardians, ancestor's etc.

​Meditation can reverse the effects of stress and increases the body’s sense of well-being,  promotes relaxation and restful sleep, improves focus and attention,

releases emotional turbulence.

Recorded meditation. Also available on CD specifically designed for you. 


45.00 - 75.00


Crystal Reiki


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy movement. Reiki clears, straightens and heals the energy pathways that run throughout the body, In turn allowing life force to flow naturally and smoothly.

When we have blockages, it become harder to handle “life”. Some blockages are short term while other are not.  Blockages can  come from childhood conditioning, emotional, physical or mental trauma just to name a few.

Reiki helps to  release these blockages.



Crystal Energy

I absolutely loved crystals there are many crystals which you can feel the vibration from there are crystals give you a sense calmness stability and being grounded. There are high vibration crystals that helps you to connect with the upper realms, higher energy.

     Crystals can help with  prosperity, protection or healing.

You can place them under your pillow to help you sleep.

Meditating with your crystals can deepen your awareness and bring about a smother,    stronger connection

     Check out my small collection of

 Jewelry with a Purpose          




Crystal Reiki


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